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Old Western Hats

Exclusive to Hooked on Country

Black soft felt bowler hat
Trimmed with deep purple roses and grey and lilac feathers
Finished on the brim with silver grey braid
£39.50 + p&p
Black soft felt bowler hat
Trimmed with pale ivory roses and lace complimented with brown and ivory feathers
and trimmed on the brim with pale gold braid
£38.50 + p&p

HT251 HT252 HT253
Shakelford 2X Wool felt
4½" Brim
In stock: 7 - 7 1/8 - 7 1/ 4 - 7 3/8 - 7 1/2 - 7 5/8
£85.00 + p&p
Sundown Black soft wool felt
In stock: only Small left
£50.00 + p&p
Ellsworth New Teardrop Shape
4¼" Crown - 3½" Brim - colour: Mist
In stock: 7 - 7 1/8 - 7 1/2
£95.00 + p&p
Leopard Print Top Hat
Wool felt
In stock: S - M - L - XL 
£35.00 + p&p
Gambler Style hat 100% Wool.
Soft, lightweight and
comfortable to wear.
In stock: M - L - XL
£27.50 + p&p
Peaky Blinders Newsboy
Tweed Cap
50% wool 50% polyester.
In stock: 7 - 7 1/8 - 7 1/4 - 7 3/8
£12.00 + 2.50 p&p
HT241 HT242 GUS6A
Gambler Cowboy Hat
Bangora Straw
In stock: S - L - XL 
£25.00 + p&p
Cattleman Cowboy Hat
Bangora Straw
In stock: L - XL 
£25.99 + p&p
Sunbody 6inch brim low crown Gus Hat.
No eyelets or chin cord on one in stock.
7 1/2 in stock.
£68.50 + p&p
NH03   SL02
New Gladwin Bond News Boy Cap
Sheepskin Leather
100% Leather & Polyester lining
£29.99 + p&p
  Silverado 'Gus Crush'
100% Crushable Wool with 3¼ inch Bend-a-Brim
sizes S M L XL
£55.00 + p&p

DH01 DH02 DH03  
Dallas Hats
Cattleman fine panama with leather barbed wire hat band, cattle skull centered concho, and tooled leather with longhorns on brim.
Small only left
£75 + p&p
Dallas Hats
Ghost Rider
Pinched front, hand braided fine panama straw, vented, dark tea stain on brim and crown top, leather barbwire hatband with cattle skull.
(sorry currently out of stock)
£45 + p&p
Dallas Hats
The Steer
Leather tan hat with cattle head on crown, wooden cattle horns, leather hatband with round conchos.
(just 3 in stock)
£85 + p&p
    Dead Man Top Hat
As seen in the film "Dead Man" starring Johnny Depp
Flared Crown, Curled Brim, 100% Wool
Removable Side Feather, Satin Lined
£35.00 + p&p
HT184 HT16   EB001
Rodeo King "Reno"
5X with Pencil Roll & bound edge
Good Wild Bill style
(all sold)
£140.00 + p&p
Bailey Cavalry Grey

(sorry, currently out of stock)

£75.00 + p&p
  Little Joe
100% wool, leather buckle, Eddy Brothers
£55 + p&p
(Out of Stock)
HT180     HT183
Bailey - Lite Felt
(Out of Stock)
    Bailey - Lite Felt
Sold Out


as worn by
Reata Brannaman
in the film "Buck"
HT178 HT175 HT176 HT133
Guatemalan Charro Hat Fine Palm Derby Sunbody Tall Topper
"Sam Houston"
HT154 HT170 HT156  
Rodeo King  
Gus crown 5X  
£148.50 + p&p
Preacher Hat
Felt  -  Black
One size only.
£32 + p&p
(All Sold)
Bailey Dillinger

(sorry, currently out of stock)

£85 + p&p
loutft09.jpg (3142 bytes) loutft09.jpg (3142 bytes)
HT191 HT169 (Sorry out of stock and not available this season) HT177
54cm & 55cm only
£35.00 + p&p
Rodeo King
5X Pecan - 4" Brim.
Great style.
 £135 + p&p
Rodeo King
5X Black  - 4" Brim.
As worn in the film Tombstone.
£135 + p&p
Bailey Clayton 3X Beaver fur/wool with old west felt band and pencil roll brim, Black

(sorry, currently out of stock)
£85 + p&p
    HT195 HT151
    Stove Pipe Top Hat
 100% Wool.8"
tall crown.
Sizes S-M-L-XL.
£35 + £5 p&p
  HT163 HT172
  Campaign or Mounty Hat
 Felt - Brown.
One size only. med.
£32 + p&p.
5X Ten Gallon gus with Bound Edge
£140.00 + p&p
HT125 HT126 HT129 HT118
10X Beaver Brand
La Copa Plana.
With Pencil Curl & Bound edge
Black - 7 5/8 only left
+ p&p

(Sadly Beaver Brand Hat Company no longer exists and we really miss them they did make some of the best Old West Hats)
8X Beaver Brand
Derby E625
Sold Out
Cattleman Crease
Burnt Straw
+ p&p
Renegade Kangaroo
with Gold coloured conchos
£120 + p&p
HT130 HT80 HT196  
Gus Crease - Burnt Straw
Small only left
+ p&p
Open Crown Black
(Baily Supreme Open 8X)
reduced to
+ p&p
for in-stock sizes
Crushable Cowboy hat.
Lite Felt.
Available in
Black, Brown, Camel, Navy.

£26.50 + £5 p&p

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